Create amazing Collage of Facebook Photos Easily

March 7, 2012 at 3:20 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Facebook has overtaken every social media today, and apart from being the medium to stay in touch with everyone, it has also become an interesting part of our lives. Facebook not only allows us to post our day to day updates but also upload our photos which we can share with our buddies online.

We also feel nice when someone comments or likes our photo on the Facebook, and for the same reason we like to upload new and different photos. Sharing a collage of our pics already uploaded to the Facebook is also a great idea as it reflects some kind of creativity and also looks good to the eyes.

Making a collage of the photos can be tedious if you are doing it manually but the same work can become very easy if you use some app that does it for you. Here is a simple app called Loupe that can create some different and artistic collage of your Facebook profile pics and the photos uploaded in the albums.

What you all need to do is just go the website, click the Get Started button, link your Facebook account (or any other social account like Twitter where the images are stored), select the photos and then the shape (like that of a butterfly, bird, plane etc) and that is it. When you click Share button, you can either save the collage in your profile, or publish it so that you friends can see it or just send the online link to anyone.

The app is free to use and also very simple to create those good looking collage.

Visit Loupe



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