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All the students, adults and almost person of every age group usually surf Internet to get updates and to keep aware themselves in this fast changing world. There are web pages which contains useful information, nonsense stuff or both. When I was a student I used to directly take out the prints of those web pages and most of time my teachers caught me.

Here I am going to tell you about a very cool tool by which you can directly edit a web page while surfing and check the changes. The tool is called PageEdit. It is a powerful WYSIWYG editor that lets you edit any HTML page in Chrome and allows syntax color highlighting in source editing mode. Once you install this extension you can edit the whole web page in the same manner as we do in Microsoft word.

Moreover, elements like radio buttons, images, tables, checkboxes, Flash etc, can all be added to a webpage. You can access options such as Paste, Edit Link, and Remove Div etc. when you change the settings and access the toolbar, only the basic tools for editing are available for you by which you can easily edit a web page.

When you right click on an image and then click properties and you will see that a pop-up will appear which will look like a magnifier which will show you a preview of the image, URL, width, height and other related options that you can edit as per your convenience.

When you feel that you are done with the editing process, simply click the Save button in the toolbar or click the Print button to print the customized page. You will then be able to either save HTML file or Download the page. Note that as soon as you reload the page the changes that you made will get disappeared. This extension is only available for Google Chrome users. However, this a good extension provided by the Chrome.

Install PageEdit


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