Convert simple Images into Text Art on Android

April 18, 2012 at 10:32 PM | Posted in Android | Leave a comment
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Creativity helps to know the perception of people while software and different applications help you to enhance your creativity. For example, we use different software for making our images more meaningful. But have you ever thought of converting your photos into text art. So let us continue this article with taking this example as our base.

Though there are many applications in Google Play Store which allows you to edit your images but typographic art converters are still very less. WordCam is a new application that has been added to the play store and is one of the best additions for android users till date. The application allows you to convert your images into a work of typographic art using different font sizes and styles.

Using the app is very simple as there are not much confusing features. The button provided at the top allows you to choose different words and font styles. It keeps a record of the font styles used previously too. It does not change the dimensions and size of your image. It stores the images created using this app, directly to the SD card.

The developer says that this application can be used with any image but it is advisable to choose that image which has fewer objects as it will help you to fetch optimum results. In near future the developer has planned to provide you new enhanced updates.

This application is really very nice and is available in two variants. One is free and the other variant will cost you $2. We suggest you to get the paid version as the version which is free gives a default font and does not even allow you to use custom text. It only uses default text that is Word and Cam. However to take a try you may opt for the free version also.

Download WordCam


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