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When you deal with some confidential documents you tend to have some pdf files generated for this purpose because of the advantage of editing not possible and also because we can have it securer than other documents.

Recently, it was when I was dealing with my salary documents that I figured this issue that my pdf files were password protected. This was fine to me until I needed to share them with someone, the issue being, I couldn’t tell them my password.

Thus if you also want to share your encrypted pdf files with someone but don’t want to tell them the password then the best solution is to remove the password using a password remover and share it. There are lot of PDF password remover available online but all of them are shareware that means, you can only use the free versions for some time as a trial.

Here is one online free PDF password remover that can remove your User and Owner passwords from the pdf files instantly. There are two types of passwords when it comes to saving a pdf file, User and Owner password.

User Password: It is the password that is used to open a password encrypted pdf file

Owner password: It is the password that is used to provide restrictions like copy protection etc to the file.

So just, visit the online PDF Password Remover (link at the end of the article), upload your password encrypted document, enter the type of the password (enter only the User password if your doc only have user password) and click on the Submit button.

You will see a Download button right after the decryption, from which you can download the file to your system. It is worth noting here that this process may be bit time consuming on the pdf files having large size.

Visit PDF Password Remover


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