Block Facebook completely on your computer using Facebook limiter

May 22, 2012 at 2:53 PM | Posted in FaceBook Features | 1 Comment
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Facebook is a well known social networking site that is famous amongst the youngsters these days. Not only youngsters, people mostly of all age groups are addicted to this website. Youngsters preferably use the site more as compared to other age groups. This is the one site that had gained lot of popularity in recent time.

But today it is more like an addiction and moreover younger children also waste their time on it rather than utilizing it on some useful activities. For this reason, parents may like to block Facebook from their system completely. This will help them to concentrate on their studies too.

We can’t even blame the parents because children today have better knowledge regarding their computers. Hence today we are introducing you to new software known as FB Limiter. Though you can block websites using hosts files but instead of working with those hosts files, this software is a better option.

With the free version of this software you will be able to completely restrict access to Facebook and YouTube on your computer. But with the paid version you can schedule the time for using Facebook and YouTube, like an hour, a day or so. Now blocking a website is just a click away.

You will definitely find this application useful. The best thing associated with this app is that it is password protected. Even if your child gets to know that you have blocked the website, then also he will not be able to unblock the same. This software is compatible with windows XP service pack 2 and later along with the other Windows versions. To download this you will have to register yourself for a free account to unlock the software.

Download Facebook Limiter


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