Translate Uncommon English Words Automatically in the Webpage itself

June 19, 2012 at 2:38 PM | Posted in Google Chrome | Leave a comment
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There are lots of websites that provide contents in English language but there are only few websites that provide content in your native language. Though English is accepted worldwide but in some cases it might happen that you are unable to understand some of the English words as they may use some uncommon words. Thus it is difficult to understand everything written on a webpage.

Moreover sometimes it may happen that you come across a webpage where the content is written in a mixture of two or more languages. So in such conditions you can make use of the latest extension of chrome that is known “Auto Selective Translator”. This extension translates uncommon words/phrases from English to a language of your choice.

The most amazing feature that it posses is its inline translation of words and phrases. This inline translation feature helps you create a better understanding while reading the webpage. You will get the meanings or translations in small boxes right over the actual word, hence you are not required to open Google or navigate away from the page anymore.

It also allows you to choose a particular part or a group of words to translate. You can translate the words in almost any language. All you have to do is to install this extension and then you have to choose a button which will be pinned in the chrome’s toolbar after the installation. The button will lead you to the settings tab where you can configure everything as per your needs.

In the wizard you can select the preferred language and the number of words that you want to translate by moving the slider. Summing up, I can say that this is really a good and useful extension. It will prove helpful for those who are trying to learn foreign languages. You can easily grab it from the link given below.

Install Auto Selective Translator for Google Chrome


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