Reply to all your Birthday Wishes at Once on Facebook

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We have lots of friends added in our Facebook profile, isn’t it that most of the time we find that it is the birthday of one of our friends daily. Facebook has become one important platform where almost everyone who is online and in your friend list, wishes you Happy Birthday. For all those who are bad with remembering the birthday dates (like me) Facebook is like a life savior :D

It feels good when someone wishes you Happy Birthday and in this age of technology, most our friends wishes on FB only. It really feels great to receive a large number of birthday wishes on our wall but at the same time it also feels quite irritating when we are required to manually reply to the each wall update with a Thank You message.

Here is a quite interesting and helpful Facebook app called “Say Thank You” that can help you in this situation. This app is some really great way of replying back thank you to all those who wished us on Facebook in an automated manner and without the need of manually commenting to each of those. Well if you would still like to manually wish every person then you are most welcome :)

To be able to use this you just need to visit the link provided at the bottom, and click the Go to App button. When you are asked for permission, click Allow (just like all other FB apps). Follow the simple steps and proceed as usual. You will be then asked for selecting the way to reply your buddies. You can select “Comment on your Birthday wish”, “Like your wish”, “Comment and Like both” or reply on your Friend’s wall.

Whatever be the option you select, just click Next and type the Reply message that you need to. Then you will see the list of all those who wished you on FB. Just select those whom you want to reply. Now when you click Next, they will be automatically replied.
Seeing the fact that since you have to use this app once an year only, the app is not that bad and can really help you in saving time of yours.

Visit Say Thank You App


Block Facebook completely on your computer using Facebook limiter

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Facebook is a well known social networking site that is famous amongst the youngsters these days. Not only youngsters, people mostly of all age groups are addicted to this website. Youngsters preferably use the site more as compared to other age groups. This is the one site that had gained lot of popularity in recent time.

But today it is more like an addiction and moreover younger children also waste their time on it rather than utilizing it on some useful activities. For this reason, parents may like to block Facebook from their system completely. This will help them to concentrate on their studies too.

We can’t even blame the parents because children today have better knowledge regarding their computers. Hence today we are introducing you to new software known as FB Limiter. Though you can block websites using hosts files but instead of working with those hosts files, this software is a better option.

With the free version of this software you will be able to completely restrict access to Facebook and YouTube on your computer. But with the paid version you can schedule the time for using Facebook and YouTube, like an hour, a day or so. Now blocking a website is just a click away.

You will definitely find this application useful. The best thing associated with this app is that it is password protected. Even if your child gets to know that you have blocked the website, then also he will not be able to unblock the same. This software is compatible with windows XP service pack 2 and later along with the other Windows versions. To download this you will have to register yourself for a free account to unlock the software.

Download Facebook Limiter

Drag and Enhance your Facebook Chat Window (Chrome)

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Facebook which is one of the most accessed web page today is mostly used for seeing the updates of others, updating our wall with new messages, staying in touch with others and also with chatting our buddies. While using Facebook Chat is a good option for chatting, it is quite simple and plain looking and fixed at bottom right corner of our browser too.

Here is an extension for the Chrome users that can enhance your Facebook Chat experience. It can not only add certain features but can also allow you to drag your FB chat window to any position on the screen (only within the Chrome browser).

Here are some features that you can get using this extension called Pretty Facebook Chat:

• Draggable Facebook Chat window: Drag the window anywhere within Chrome to suit your comfort.

• Bigger Facebook Chat window: The extension makes the chat window bigger than the actual size for better experience.

• Cool list of Emoticons: The extension add some cool emoticons, moreover you can also send your friend’s thumbnail profile pic as emoticon.

• Little animation.

The extension is very easy to use as you just need to install it in your browser. If you are someone who chat a lot on Facebook, then you should definitely go for it.

Download Pretty Facebook Chat

Facebook Adds ‘Action Links’ for Timeline Apps

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On Wednesday(02-05-12), Facebook added “action links,” the next step beyond the “action verbs” used by Timeline apps running on top of the Facebook platform.

Facebook used two as an example: “Save this Place,” which connects to Foursquare, and “Fave This Product,” which allows a user to select a product as a favorite on

According to Facebook, the new action links go beyond just commenting or liking a post, or clicking through a link that someone else has embedded. Action links allow the user to take a direct action within the app itself.

“Action links tie one action to another, and can be part of any Open Graph story,” according to Facebook. “Developers can designate an action link for any action they define, which will then appear throughout Facebook.”

The Timeline will originally show an action that a friend took: one “cooked” a recipe, for example. The box will then invite the user to “save this recipe”. After doing so, the user’s Timeline will then indicate that the user “saved a recipe”.

“Open Graph Actions are the high-level “interactions” users can perform in your app,” Facebook added. “When these actions are published, the activities may appear in a users’ Timeline or their friends’ News Feeds and Ticker. Open Graph Action Links show up alongside the Like and Comment actions in any Open Graph story allowing friends to quickly take action in response to a story without having to navigate away from that story. This in turn will drive more distribution to your app with fewer user clicks.”

Facebook “relaunched” Timeline and the Timeline apps at an event in January, where over 60 partners now provide apps for Facebook, as well as their own “verbs” on the Facebook Ticker. Under the new apps, users don’t necessarily need to just “like” something; they can declare that they are “reading” a book or “ran” a particular route.

Facebook recently allowed users to declare themselves organ donors, even if that statement did not carry the force of law.

Unfriend or Remove your Facebook Friends in Bulk

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Yesterday, we mentioned about some script using which you can automatically confirm your friend requests on Facebook, today we are writing about the reverse process. It happens sometimes that we want to remove some friends from our friends list as we might not want to share our personal info with all of them or just want to remove all those who are not that close to you any more.

Facebook allows you to remove them one by one and have no such option of deleting or removing them in bulk, now this can be bit time consuming if you have lots of friends and you want to remove about hundreds of them from the list.

This will surely be a big task unless you have some script to do this for you. I just found one called FacebookDeletes, that serves the same purpose of removing bulk facebook friends from your friends list easily.

What you all need to do is just, install the script and open the Friends page. Now click on the down arrow to the left of ‘facebook delete friends’ label which will open the menu from where you can select friends to remove and keep (each buddy having a checkbox beside the name).

It is very important to note here that checking the boxes will keep them, while unchecking a box will delete them from the list and in case you are not sure of how this thing works, then do try the Highlight Only button below. This will highlight all the friends which will be deleted when you click the Delete button.

You will also see the count of the friends removed from your list, which is good to know by how many you have reduced your list. To be able to use this script, first install this Greasemonkey add-on for firefox or Tampermonkey for Chrome.

Install FacebookDeletes

Automatically Confirm/Unconfirm Friend Requests in Facebook

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I like spending time on social networking sites especially on Facebook as I like staying in touch with my friends but what I don’t like about these websites is the idea of sharing or revealing our personal information. That is the reason I would never accept the friend request of any person who is unknown to me.

However I know there are all kinds of people, one who like making new friends and accepting friend requests of every other individual they come across, and one who are like me. We tend to make new circles on Facebook and thus receive friend requests too often. For someone who is not active on FB, this number can be huge too which can be burden if you don’t mind adding all of them but still have to go through each of the request.

Thus with the help of the below mentioned userscript called “FB AutoLike Status & AutoConfirm/Unconfirm All Friend Request”, you can automatically not only confirm or unconfirm all the friend request at once but can also like or unlike all the comments, status messages on a page at the moment. To be able to use this script you first need to install Greasemonkey script for firefox or TamperMonkey extension in Chrome.

This script is good if you wish to add all the requests that come your way without worrying about the people being added and if you have no private info to share then this should not be an issue too. The script will place a small widget to the left side on FB which can also be hidden by clicking the small arrow on the widget.

If you are really interested in the script, download it from the link below.

Download FB AutoLike Status & AutoConfirm/Unconfirm All Friend Request


Download perfect Facebook Timeline Cover Banners

April 3, 2012 at 3:13 PM | Posted in FaceBook Features | 4 Comments
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Facebook is one of the best social networking sites till date. Facebook introduced Facebook timeline feature which is considered not a good feature by most of the people. If you like it or not but actually Facebook timeline is the future of Facebook. Timeline shows each and every update made by you from the date you created your profile on this site.

Till now you must have already noticed that the Timeline interface requires you to put a nice banner image at the top in order to give your profile a refreshing new look. Here is an online service called “Facebook Timeline Banners” which is by far the best source of getting Cover Images for your Facebook Timeline Cover.

Moreover, you can pick any image from your computer and it will be resized for your timeline cover. If you want to give a new look (different and stylish) then you should try this service. Facebook Timeline Banners is an online service which has a huge collection of Facebook Cover images which you can directly use as your next Timeline Cover Image.

This service has a wide variety of banners for your timeline which are well organized and categorized. The site also has a number of categories ranging from “2012”, “7 Wonders of the world”, “abstract” to “love”, and “funny ”to“ Zodiac and so on.

When you click on an image the image will be displayed on a new window where you will be able to save that image simply by Right-Clicking the image file and clicking “Save Image As” link in your context menu. The image will be saved to your hard drive and then you can go to your Facebook profile and use that image as your Cover image.

This service is actually a huge collection of different images under various categories and in a simple interface. If you are looking for some good Facebook cover images then you should try this out. Just follow the link given below.

Visit Facebook Timeline Banners

Delete old Facebook Updates off your Wall

March 15, 2012 at 12:10 PM | Posted in FaceBook Features | 3 Comments
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Facebook has introduced new system of timeline which shows your previous activities and people can access older content present on your profile page. It was very difficult to search the content by clicking on ‘older posts’ tab again and again. This timeline feature helps you to access all your activities arranged in a chronological order.
Sometime it happens that we post something that we don’t wish to be seen today by others but with the timeline feature people can easily see our old content, so the issue now is to delete that old content.

Here is a tool for android OS called Exfoliate. By this application you can sweep out content from facebook which you have posted even one or two years back. You can remove contents including status updates, images, videos etc. You can even remove the posts you have posted on your friend’s wall.
Using this tool is easy and you can also read the tutorial at the link mentioned below. So use this tool on your Android devices and get rid of your unintended updates. Exfoliate requires android 2.2 or above.
Download Exfoliate

Remove Facebook Timeline from the Profile

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It has been couple of months since Facebook had launched its new feature of Timeline. While some users liked this feature, there are some (like me) who didn’t like the timeline feature. While I have not applied this feature to my profile yet, if you have and you didn’t like this feature, then you might be thinking to remove or disable the timeline from your profile.
Well, the truth about the Facebook Timeline feature is that it has started to be rolled out for the users worldwide and according to Facebook, it will be something mandatory for them and they won’t be able to remove or disable this from their profile.
In case you are still running the old look of the Facebook profile, then it doesn’t mean you are safe as some day it will be rolled out for you too (only the matter of time). But if you are one of those who had applied the timeline feature before it was rolled for you and using an app, then you can try the following steps to remove or disable it (will not work for others).

1. Open the Facebook Developers page where you originally created an app to enable Timeline. Click on the “Edit app” button there.

2. On the left side bar you need to click the “Delete App” link.

3. Now click the Confirm button to remove the timeline feature successfully.

Note: While you can remove the Facebook timeline from your profile using this process, this does not mean it will not re-appear for you when it will be rolled out for you officially.

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