Monitor Website Status for Downtime with StatusCake

August 22, 2012 at 3:50 PM | Posted in General | 8 Comments
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Being a webmaster, I understand how important it is for all the blog/website owners to keep their website running and free from any downtime. Since the web servers are electronic they tend to go down some or the other time, thereby affecting the website owners and the traffic. Whenever some web server goes down, every webmaster needs to contact their web space admins to get it fixed so that they can reduce the downtime but for this they first need to know instantly whenever their website goes down.

Since it is not possible for every blogger or the web admin to monitor their website every now and then, they should make use of the online free website monitoring services available on internet. While we have written about Pingdom earlier, here is another yet free website monitoring service called StatusCake.

What I found interesting with StatusCake is that you can set this service to track any number of websites as there isn’t any limit to it. The interface of the service is also very simple with neat and easy to understand options. You also get website analysis right here, saving you from subscribing to any other third party website analysis service. Moreover whenever your website goes down, you will be notified instantly on Twitter, Skype, Email and SMS (for the sms feature, however, you will need to pay).

To get this service enabled to your website, you just need to visit this service and setup your website using the button present on the left side. The service is easy configurable and being a webmaster who have setup so many things for the blog, you can set this easily too lol.

Visit StatusCake

Create Karaoke Music Tracks from Songs with Vocal Reducer

August 16, 2012 at 12:54 PM | Posted in General | 65 Comments
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We all like singing to songs of our choices, don’t we and if it is a karaoke song then the fun is doubled. So in case you are planning a small get together at your place and would like to host the karaoke singing competition with your friends then you can convert your normal songs to karaoke easily and instantly and that too by self.

Converting a song into a karaoke track is although not possible completely as the music is coded with the lyrics or vocals, which is not possible to remove completely. However there are tools that that can reduce the level of vocals so much that it feels like the vocals have been removed. If you search internet for such tools then you may find many but I found this tool called Vocal Reducer better than others.

When you install and launch Vocal Reducer you will be surprised to see the simplest of the interface that this tool has. You then need to load the song to the tool for which you need to create the karaoke. The interface will show both the left and right audio frequencies in the form of waveform. Also you will find the other details of the track like sound duration, beginning and selection range.

To remove the vocals from the audio track, you now need to click the Vocal Reducer on the title menu which will open a new window named “Vocal Reduce/Removal”. In this window you will find three settings as Voice attenuation, Gain and Cutoff Frequency changing which will set the track right for you. It must be interesting to note here that changing the cutoff frequency too much can distort the song.

The quality of the karaoke you produce depends mostly on these three settings about which you will learn more when you experiment a little with these. The tool is compatible on all versions of Windows.

Download Vocal Reducer

Clean App Permissions and Disable email Notifications from all Social Sites

July 11, 2012 at 5:43 PM | Posted in General, Security | 7 Comments
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We often get several auto generated e-mails from different social networking websites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. For example, Twitter emails us whenever there is a follower, Facebook emails us every month for our page insights and lots more. These are sort of some useless emails which can be avoided as they just add to the email clutter in our inbox.

Thus to overcome this issue, Bin Lang and Tim Kendalli, taking inspiration from, created Notification Control, a web service that offers direct links to all email notification pages of social sites where you can click on any link and sign into that service and manage or unsubscribe them if you want.

When you will visit this web service the link of which you will find at the bottom, you will be prompted to uncheck all those services that you don’t wish to receive emails from. If you unsubscribe from all of them, you won’t get any notifications from the social sites. When for the first time I used this tool, I got to know about link, which was something unknown to me till now.

Once you bookmark such links, you will be able to manage all your subscriptions, whenever required. So now, visit the link given below, where you see various icons of the social networking websites. Click on the icon from which you don’t want to get any notification, signup/login for that service and uncheck all those Email notifications that you don’t want to receive. Thus this one is the best mode to reduce all your tensions.

This service will come very handy to you if you wish to clean up the app permissions which you might have provided while using social sites like Facebook. Since these apps uses your details to send you emails, Notification Control can help you clean all of them in one go.

Visit Notification Control


Use Battery Optimizer to Improve Battery Life of your Laptop

June 8, 2012 at 11:17 AM | Posted in General | 13 Comments
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While purchasing a laptop, the first thing that comes to our mind is the battery life of the machine. This is an important factor because we usually buy a laptop to work while we are travelling and it is very important to know whether it will work for a long period of time when we don’t have a power source nearby.

While reading some posts I found that various organizations are commenting on the emerging trend of slim notebooks. In their view if these notebooks get slimmer then it will definitely affect the battery life. Thus if you need to get most out of your laptop, you should use this tool known as Battery Optimizer.

This application is specially designed to optimize the battery level of your laptop. After installing this app you should run a diagnostic of your laptop’s battery on first start that will analyze the capabilities and optimization options. You can also use the scanning mode but you should be sure that your laptop does have sufficient battery as the comprehensive scanning mode takes up to an hour to complete and you have to unplug your charger to run the comprehensive scanning mode.

After scanning it will let you know that how much battery life you will gain after running the program’s optimizer. The application won’t reveal the kind of optimizations that it will do on the laptop before you click on the optimize button which can be an issue. However if you have optimized your laptop already for mobile use, then you will not be able to gain that much battery life.

This application is handy for all laptop users. This will help you to make changes automatically, which is a hectic task to do otherwise. Battery Optimizer can be downloaded from the link given below; you can use it to manage your battery power easily.

Download Battery Optimizer

Yahoo Axis: Yahoo’s New Search Engine

June 6, 2012 at 3:13 PM | Posted in General | 16 Comments
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These days we all are dependent on Internet. We use search engines to search even a small thing. For example, when we want to know meanings of some words, we prefer internet instead of dictionaries. Google, Bing, Yahoo are some of the best search engines available today.

Now Yahoo has introduced a new search engine, known as ‘Yahoo Axis’ which is going to change your experience of searching the web completely. Currently Yahoo has released this search engine for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and also Axis extension for popular desktop browsers such as Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome running on both Windows and Mac.

However the browser app which is designed for iOS devices is rich in features and is really a very good to use app whereas the versions for the desktops are not actual browser, they actually work as an extension.

You will get instant search results for your search which is more efficient and in content-rich way to explore interests online. With this new search engine you can search the web without leaving the webpage you’re working with. You can easily return to your search results without even clicking on the back-button.

Yahoo Axis provides search suggestions, visual snapshots of web results, and quick answers to common searches, like the weather forecast or local movie show times. You can see the search results using right and left arrows provided in the desktop version. The search results will be automatically displayed as thumbnails in the lower screen area.

To get it on your desktop, visit Yahoo Axis Homepage and click on the “Get It Now – Desktop”. It will be added as an extension to your browser. After installing this engine, you will get to see small search bar at the bottom left corner of the screen. In my view this search engine will prove to be a tough competitor for the fellow search engines.

Visit Yahoo Axis

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