Block Programs accessing Internet with Firewall App Blocker

July 27, 2012 at 9:09 PM | Posted in Windows | 12 Comments
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One of the great features that Windows have is the Firewall which helps us in not only blocking the functionalities of the programs but also prevent them from connecting to the internet. This helps us in many ways as preventing a program from connecting to internet helps in saving internet data, helps in securing the system, preventing the program to download some unwanted stuffs and other things.

Any user can make use of the default Windows Firewall and block any program but the process of doing this is not that easy. It involves some complex steps like visiting the Control panel, opening up System Security and adding the program as an exception. Although you may find this process simple but it can’t get simpler than just dragging and dropping the tool to enable all the restrictions.

Yes with the help of this tool called Firewall App Blocker, you just need to do this only. Just download the app from the link below, run it to open the interface and drag drop the program to add to the block list. The tool contains only two main buttons, Add and Delete which works in a simple manner. You can also browse for the executable file of the program and click the Add button to add it to the block list. Clicking the Delete button will remove it from the list.

The program not only improves the Windows Firewall functionality but also enables you to block any program accessing internet at the backend. The program is free and simple to use and since it do not require any installation it can be run directly from the USB drive portably.

Firewall App Blocker is tested to work on Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bits, however on Vista and Windows 8 it has not been tested to work.

Download Firewall App Blocker


Fix Windows is Not Genuine Message in Windows 7

July 25, 2012 at 8:36 PM | Posted in Windows | 3 Comments

We know how it feels when you are prompted by this “Windows is not Genuine” message every time you boot up your system. Though Windows is easily available today, not everyone wish to pay for this and thus uses the pirated copy of Windows OS.

Note: We do not encourage piracy and advise our viewers to use genuine software only.

Earlier we have also written about the “Windows Software Counterfeiting” problem and posted the solution using the RemoveWGA tool, which you can read here. “Windows is not genuine”, is a different problem than this and thus here is the solution below.


1. Solving this problem is very easy and can be done by using a simple tool called RemoveWAT.

2. What you all have to do is, just download this tool from the link below (in case this link is not working you can search the net for this tool with the same name).

3. Extract the archive and double click the tool to run it.

4. You will see couple of options listed, just click on the “Remove WAT” button and it will start working on the problem automatically.

When the problem has been fixed, your system will be required to reboot. You will see that after the reboot your problem has been fixed and you will no longer see the “Windows is not genuine” watermark at the bottom right of your screen.

Now you can use the system as original and also set the wallpaper and themes which you were not able to, earlier.

Download RemoveWAT

Now Blur Faces automatically in Uploaded Videos on YouTube

July 24, 2012 at 3:13 PM | Posted in Youtube | 3 Comments

YouTube had announced the launch of its new feature called Face Blurring this week, which will help users to hide faces in their already uploaded videos with the help of their new tool. This move has been taken by YouTube to protect the privacy of users who wish to keep their identity confidential in the videos yet making it public.

As per YouTube “the function would be of use to activists wishing to share footage of protests involving participants who wanted to remain anonymous”. Not only this, if anyone want to keep their identity private can make use of this tool.

What is Face Blurring?

If you are unaware of this feature, then using this feature you can easily hide the face of people present in the video so as to keep their identity private. This can be done easily using following steps.

How do I use Face Blurring?

Follow the instructions below to use the Face Blurring feature:

1. Log in to your YouTube account.
2. Click your username (located in the top right corner of any page) and select Video Manager.
3. On the right of the video you wish to edit, click the Edit button.
4. You’ll be taken to the edit info page for the video. Click Enhancements.
5. Select Additional Features.
6. Click the Apply button below Blur All Faces.
7. If you’re satisfied with the blurring as you see it in the preview, click Save As.

While YouTube has added a button for this feature, this does not ensure cent percent coverage depending on various facts like:

Depending on the angle, lighting, obstructions and video quality it is possible that certain faces might not be blurred. As per YouTube, anonymity is not guaranteed in this and people should take care of other things too if they wish to hide their info.

Read more here

Automatically Record Skype Voice Calls from Specific Contacts

July 23, 2012 at 3:05 PM | Posted in SKYPE | 4 Comments

Skype is not only the media to talk to our buddies overseas but also enables us to chat with many others on some important topics. Most people also discuss some important agenda over Skype as it is very cheap to use. It happens sometimes that we wish to record our some of the important voice calls so that we can listen to them later and see if we missed anything.

By default, Skype does not provide us with any feature to record voice calls hence there are many third party tools over the internet that can help us in this matter. We came across one such tool called Skype Auto Recorder which is in our view, one of the free Skype Voice call recorders available.

Note: In some countries, it may be illegal to record voice calls without your chat partner’s consent, hence we would not encourage you to download and use this tool.

How to use Skype Auto Recorder for recording Skype Conversations:

1. You just need to download and install this tool from the link provided at the bottom.

2. Start Skype and allow the tool to access it so that it can automatically start recording the conversation whenever you call or receive the call from the specified contacts.

3. It will then automatically save the call in .mp3 format to the set location in the specified quality.

Configuring the tool is very easy as you just need to right click on the icon in status bar, and set the options like target save location, target audio format, contacts of people whom you wish to record and whom you don’t.


• Free of charge!

• Recording conversations to high-quality MP3 with variable bitrate.

• Unlimited length of records.

• Simple and flexible configuration.

• Possibility to increase sound volume of the record.

• Doesn’t require any actions from user except initial configuration.

• Silent work in tray with auto connect/reconnect to Skype.

• Filters for recording contacts or group of contacts to different files.

• Possibility to record all calls regardless of specified filters.

• Possibility to exclude contacts (“black list”) so their calls will never be recorded.

• Support of patterns in the output file names.

• Optional autostart with Windows.

Download Skype Auto Recorder

How to Disable Private Browsing in all the Browsers at Once

July 17, 2012 at 2:46 PM | Posted in Browser Features | Leave a comment
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These days almost all major browsers provide you an option of private browsing (like Incognito in Chrome). These private browsing windows doesn’t record any of your browsing history including cookies, temporary files search history, browser history. Usually people use this feature only if they don’t want to disclose any private data.

The privacy could be a secondary feature; according to some studies the main factor of using this private browsing is to visit adult sites and other websites which are termed as harmful. If you are a parent, then you would be definitely worried about your child’s online activity as you would want your child to be protected from such harmful stuff.

If you think that your child is involved in such activities that can affect him a lot and you are unable to monitor him due to this private browsing feature, then I would recommend you to use Incognito Gone, a freeware portable tool that will help you to disable this feature in all the browsers installed in your system simultaneously. However this can disable the feature from all the browsers except from Firefox, where it will remove the option from the menu.

You have to download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run Incognito Gone executable file. The program will auto detect all the browsers installed on your system and will provide you the disable buttons for them. Select the disable option for each browser and it will prompt you with a warning -“Disabling is permanent. Are you sure you want to disable private browsing?” – click “Yes” to proceed.

In Firefox, although the option is removed to access Private Browsing, it can still be accessed using the key combination as Ctrl +Shift+ P. What I liked the most about this tool is that, you don’t have to manually disable the feature from all browsers. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download Incognito Gone

How to Reduce your Internet Data Usage with TextOnly

July 16, 2012 at 10:16 PM | Posted in Android | 34 Comments
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Most of you might not know that actually, the WebPages on a website doesn’t use up much of your network data; in fact it is actually the advertisements and animations on a webpage that use up your most of the data. Even these advertisements and animations are the main reason for the delay in the loading of a webpage.

Thus I have something to share with you in this regard. An online service known as TextOnly is one of the great applications that will help you to reduce your internet data usage by 80-90%. This service will remove all the advertisement, images, animations and other unwanted stuff from the WebPages that you visit daily on internet.

As the name of the service suggests, it only shows you the readable content of a webpage that too in the form of text. This service is really very useful especially when you are using a slow internet connection or are dependent on USB tethering. Since the unwanted content gets removed from the WebPages, it will start loading quickly than before.

To use this service go to the service website form the link given below and enter the address of the webpage that you want to visit. This will lead you to the webpage where you will find only the text content of the webpage without the other distractions.

In fact most of the users use internet to open WebPages on their handheld devices and I know that it costs you much while using mobile network for using internet on your devices. Thus for such users the application is also available in android flavor. This will function similarly as you use on your computer.

TextOnly for computer

Android app for TextOnly

Clean App Permissions and Disable email Notifications from all Social Sites

July 11, 2012 at 5:43 PM | Posted in General, Security | 7 Comments
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We often get several auto generated e-mails from different social networking websites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. For example, Twitter emails us whenever there is a follower, Facebook emails us every month for our page insights and lots more. These are sort of some useless emails which can be avoided as they just add to the email clutter in our inbox.

Thus to overcome this issue, Bin Lang and Tim Kendalli, taking inspiration from, created Notification Control, a web service that offers direct links to all email notification pages of social sites where you can click on any link and sign into that service and manage or unsubscribe them if you want.

When you will visit this web service the link of which you will find at the bottom, you will be prompted to uncheck all those services that you don’t wish to receive emails from. If you unsubscribe from all of them, you won’t get any notifications from the social sites. When for the first time I used this tool, I got to know about link, which was something unknown to me till now.

Once you bookmark such links, you will be able to manage all your subscriptions, whenever required. So now, visit the link given below, where you see various icons of the social networking websites. Click on the icon from which you don’t want to get any notification, signup/login for that service and uncheck all those Email notifications that you don’t want to receive. Thus this one is the best mode to reduce all your tensions.

This service will come very handy to you if you wish to clean up the app permissions which you might have provided while using social sites like Facebook. Since these apps uses your details to send you emails, Notification Control can help you clean all of them in one go.

Visit Notification Control


How to Download YouTube Videos directly to your Android Phone

July 5, 2012 at 2:41 PM | Posted in Android | 2 Comments
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Whenever you want to watch a video on your smartphone, you would definitely head towards the YouTube application installed on your system or on the phone. Then you search for the video and wait for the streaming/buffering of the video. But I personally feel that it is better to download it on your device and then view it as you have the option of saving it for future reference with the same amount of data consumed as it would have been otherwise.

Also because sometimes we have to go through from many annoying issues like buffering, connectivity, coverage problem, data streaming, low Internet speed, etc. Now I am sure you would be thinking that if you have to download it, then why you don’t watch it on your laptop/desktop as you don’t have any option to download a video from YouTube on your Android Device.

But now if you want, you can download videos from YouTube directly on your android phone. A free YouTube Downloader for Android developed by Wontube can be used to download videos easily. When you want to download a video, you have to launch the app and search for the video that you want to download.

Once you find the video, select the video and you will be greeted with two options- ‘Play’ & ‘Download’, you can tap on the download button to get it downloaded. The video will be saved in the app library and you can play it later even when you are offline.

You might be worried if the video will be supported by your Smartphone or not. Then don’t worry as all the YouTube videos can be played easily on your device without converting them. In my view this is the easiest way to download a video on your android device.

Download Free YouTube Downloader for Android

How to Change the System Font Size in your Android Device

July 4, 2012 at 2:45 PM | Posted in Android | 2 Comments
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I would like to have something that can help me change the default fonts of my cellphone.So if you want to change the font size in your android phone that too without rooting your device, I have really got something great for you. Big Font is a free application that allows you to make the font size smaller or larger without going through any rooting process.

You can scale your device’s fonts from the range 85% to 130% or vice versa. The app is so easy to use that anyone can simply use this application. All you have to do is to install the app and after installation launch it on your device. You will find a slider in the main interface that can be easily moved to and fro.

When you will move the slider to left, it will make the fonts smaller and when you move it to the right, it will increase the font size. A preview of the changes will be shown immediately in the screen itself. Once you feel that the changes are according to your wish, you can click apply to make the changes.

However you can only change the system font size not the size of the fonts of any application. It works on all android devices running Android 2.3 or above. You can download the application from the link given below.

Download Big Font

Download the Official How-To Geek Trivia App for Windows 8

July 3, 2012 at 9:11 PM | Posted in Windows | 29 Comments
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The new How-To Geek Trivia application has just been approved in the Windows 8 store, so if you’re already running the release preview you can go and download it right now for free. It’ll give you a daily dose of geeky trivia right on your Windows 8 desktop.

Click Here to Download Geek Trivia for Windows 8

Each trivia question will present you with the question, and then once you answer, will show you whether you picked the right one as well as the full description.

The application has a live tile that will update whenever there’s a new trivia question (once per day). After the first couple times you open it, the tile will revert back to normal.

There’s more to the application, including quizzes and a large amount of previous content, but what are you waiting for? It’s completely free, so go download it now!

Note: this is our very first release of the application, so there are bound to be a few bugs. You’re welcome to leave a comment letting us know about any you find.

Click Here to Download Geek Trivia for Windows 8

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