How to Disable Private Browsing in all the Browsers at Once

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These days almost all major browsers provide you an option of private browsing (like Incognito in Chrome). These private browsing windows doesn’t record any of your browsing history including cookies, temporary files search history, browser history. Usually people use this feature only if they don’t want to disclose any private data.

The privacy could be a secondary feature; according to some studies the main factor of using this private browsing is to visit adult sites and other websites which are termed as harmful. If you are a parent, then you would be definitely worried about your child’s online activity as you would want your child to be protected from such harmful stuff.

If you think that your child is involved in such activities that can affect him a lot and you are unable to monitor him due to this private browsing feature, then I would recommend you to use Incognito Gone, a freeware portable tool that will help you to disable this feature in all the browsers installed in your system simultaneously. However this can disable the feature from all the browsers except from Firefox, where it will remove the option from the menu.

You have to download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run Incognito Gone executable file. The program will auto detect all the browsers installed on your system and will provide you the disable buttons for them. Select the disable option for each browser and it will prompt you with a warning -“Disabling is permanent. Are you sure you want to disable private browsing?” – click “Yes” to proceed.

In Firefox, although the option is removed to access Private Browsing, it can still be accessed using the key combination as Ctrl +Shift+ P. What I liked the most about this tool is that, you don’t have to manually disable the feature from all browsers. It works on all versions of Windows.

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