Mozilla Firefox 11 Released

March 16, 2012 at 5:26 PM | Posted in Browser Features | 2 Comments
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Mozilla Firefox – one of the best browsers available, released its 11th version with the usual security patches and with some new features as well. The company had announced that Firefox 11 would be delayed due to two vulnerabilities discovered at the Pwn2Own competition. However Mozilla had already identified and fixed on its own, so they decided to go ahead with the release. To avoid conflicts with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, Firefox 11 will initially be pushed out through manual updates only and not via the automatic update mechanism.
The most notable new feature in this new version for end users is the ability to sync add-ons across multiple computers, something that’s been available to Google Chrome users since late 2010. To enable this new feature, Firefox 11 users have to sign up for the free Sync service, which also synchronizes your bookmarks, passwords, settings, history, add-ons, and tabs with Firefox on other computers.

New style editor and Web GL visualization tool has been added in this updated version. The developers firstly edited CSS documents on-the-fly and immediately saw the effect it had on the design of the page without leaving the browser. Page Inspector 3D View (nicknamed ‘Tilt’), is a Web GL-powered “view source” option on steroids, which highlights what raw code looks like when the public sees it on a live Web site.
Firefox makes your browsing easier. The basic feature is the Awesome Bar which remembers your every activity. It happens many times with all of us that we forget the URLs of the website with which we were working and if something happens which terminates your browsing session and even if you can’t restore, it will create problems for you thus, awesome bar helps you to restore it. What you have to do just write a phrase or some text in the address bar and it will take you directly to the website.
The company has improved the interface by adding APP TABS which allows you to make a small icon of your most visited websites which you want to keep open on the upper left side of the browser. Theses tabs does not take much of your browser window’s space as it just shows the icon of the website.

It even helps you to synchronize the data between your desktop Firefox and your mobile phone. The company has emphasized on other features also such as security, performance, personalization and accessibility to make your browsing experience good.
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