Create Karaoke Music Tracks from Songs with Vocal Reducer

August 16, 2012 at 12:54 PM | Posted in General | 65 Comments
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We all like singing to songs of our choices, don’t we and if it is a karaoke song then the fun is doubled. So in case you are planning a small get together at your place and would like to host the karaoke singing competition with your friends then you can convert your normal songs to karaoke easily and instantly and that too by self.

Converting a song into a karaoke track is although not possible completely as the music is coded with the lyrics or vocals, which is not possible to remove completely. However there are tools that that can reduce the level of vocals so much that it feels like the vocals have been removed. If you search internet for such tools then you may find many but I found this tool called Vocal Reducer better than others.

When you install and launch Vocal Reducer you will be surprised to see the simplest of the interface that this tool has. You then need to load the song to the tool for which you need to create the karaoke. The interface will show both the left and right audio frequencies in the form of waveform. Also you will find the other details of the track like sound duration, beginning and selection range.

To remove the vocals from the audio track, you now need to click the Vocal Reducer on the title menu which will open a new window named “Vocal Reduce/Removal”. In this window you will find three settings as Voice attenuation, Gain and Cutoff Frequency changing which will set the track right for you. It must be interesting to note here that changing the cutoff frequency too much can distort the song.

The quality of the karaoke you produce depends mostly on these three settings about which you will learn more when you experiment a little with these. The tool is compatible on all versions of Windows.

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