Re-enable Services and Windows Features Disabled by Virus Instantly

August 7, 2012 at 2:47 PM | Posted in Windows | 44 Comments

If you have been working on a Windows machine for some time now, you must have come across many computer virus attacks till now. Also you might be knowing what the system status is, after each attack. There are many different kind of computer virus and malware, each having their own type of adverse effect on the computer. Even if you have successfully removed the virus from your system, your computer might be struggling.

Most of these viruses affects computer and disables many Windows programs like Folder Options, Registry Editor, cmd and other features. Even if you have removed the virus from your system, these features are disabled and need to be re-enabled back before they can be used again. But a normal computer user can’t re-enable them back as these involve complex registry operations, even there is no surety that it would get fixed.

I came across one tool that can help you in this regard called Tangosoft’s Re-Enable II (or Re-Enable 2.0). As the name of the tool suggests, this tool can re-enable many windows functionalities and services in just one single click. You just need to make sure that the virus has been removed else the changes might not take effect. Also it is worth noting that, if the changes are undone then your system still have some traces of virus left.

With one click Re-enable will repair the following windows features:

  • Safe Mode
  • Registry Editor
  • Command console “cmd”
  • System restore
  • Start menu Run command
  • Task manager
  • Task scheduler
  • Safe mode
  • Right click context menu
  • My computer properties
  • Folder options
  • Windows explorer search
  • start menu search
  • Reset file and folder attributes
  • Ms Config
  • Restore explorer registry key
  • Re-enable will also edit hosts file
  • Scan and delete Autorun.inf files

The tool is free to use for personal use and requires .Net Framework 3.5 or above. You can also try the portable version of Re-Enable 2 but it would be of larger size as it already contains the required .Net Framework.

Download Re-Enable 2.0


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