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August 13, 2012 at 2:42 PM | Posted in FaceBook Features | 40 Comments
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We have lots of friends added in our Facebook profile, isn’t it that most of the time we find that it is the birthday of one of our friends daily. Facebook has become one important platform where almost everyone who is online and in your friend list, wishes you Happy Birthday. For all those who are bad with remembering the birthday dates (like me) Facebook is like a life savior :D

It feels good when someone wishes you Happy Birthday and in this age of technology, most our friends wishes on FB only. It really feels great to receive a large number of birthday wishes on our wall but at the same time it also feels quite irritating when we are required to manually reply to the each wall update with a Thank You message.

Here is a quite interesting and helpful Facebook app called “Say Thank You” that can help you in this situation. This app is some really great way of replying back thank you to all those who wished us on Facebook in an automated manner and without the need of manually commenting to each of those. Well if you would still like to manually wish every person then you are most welcome :)

To be able to use this you just need to visit the link provided at the bottom, and click the Go to App button. When you are asked for permission, click Allow (just like all other FB apps). Follow the simple steps and proceed as usual. You will be then asked for selecting the way to reply your buddies. You can select “Comment on your Birthday wish”, “Like your wish”, “Comment and Like both” or reply on your Friend’s wall.

Whatever be the option you select, just click Next and type the Reply message that you need to. Then you will see the list of all those who wished you on FB. Just select those whom you want to reply. Now when you click Next, they will be automatically replied.
Seeing the fact that since you have to use this app once an year only, the app is not that bad and can really help you in saving time of yours.

Visit Say Thank You App


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