Remove Inactive Users from your Circle in Google+

May 26, 2012 at 10:54 PM | Posted in Google News | 3 Comments
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Google+ is a social networking site powered by Google.  Like Facebook and Twitter, users also use Google+ to enhance their social network. In this social networking site, circles are created where you can add your contacts and share your contents with them, just like any other social networking site.

Like every social networking site, Google+ also limits the friends to 5000. You can only add people to your circles up to 5000 only. What if someone has left the Google+, but then also those inactive users are visible in your circle. These inactive users are just a dead weight that the users need to get rid of.

Though the limit is not only one such factor, that you need to focus on this issue. The other factor is that if inactive users may make the active user selection on those sites more difficult. So detecting and removing those inactive users is necessary. A chrome extension known as Uncircle Inactives+ will scan all or selected circles on the Google+ website for inactive users.

To use this extension, log into your Google+ account and click on the icon that has been added in the Google Chrome bar after the installationof this extension. This will start scanning your circle list and will scan the selected list of circles. The selected date, which you can change easily in the interface, defines whether a user on Google+ is listed as inactive by the extension.

A list of inactive users will be displayed in front of you. That will allow you to either remove all inactive users in one go or you can select specific users to remove. It is a very handy extension that can be used easily. The interface of the extension is also very simple to use.

Download Uncircle Inactives+

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